Annual Wellness Visits/Health Risk Assessments (AWV/HRA) is covered by Medicare Part B once every 366 days. It is NOT an annual physical examination. Annual Physical Examinations are NOT COVERED by Medicare.

An Annual Wellness Visit/Health Risk Assessments involves the patient completing a questionnaire prior to the visit. The questionnaire will be given to you by the receptionist when you arrive for your appointment. It includes questions about your behavioral risk factors (physical activity, tobacco use, alcohol use, nutrition). It also includes your self reported measurements on your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugars and weight. In addition the AWV/HRA has questions regarding your psycho-social status which inquires about depression, stress levels, general well-being and social and emotional support that you receive.

The covered AWV/HRA does NOT include the provider doing a physical examination of the body systems, vitals, EKG’s and ordering blood work. However, these are part of an annual physical examination which is NOT covered by Medicare.

For additional information please review the Medicare Beneficiary handbook. You should have received this book when you became eligible for Medicare Part B. More details are available on the Medicare website.